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To empower food shoppers to become savvy and capable of making informed and healthier food choices with simple & practical FoodSavvy tips.

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How to choose the 'better' or 'healthier' food product? How to read or compare food labels? Which is the right choice? What's really in our food? FoodSavvy.sg is an advocate for reading of food labels and encourage all consumers to do the same and exercise discretion when shopping for food. However we understand that some of us do not read food labels, for various reasons. FoodSavvy.sg was founded with a mission to empower consumers to make smarter food choices by providing factual (sometimes little known ones) and verifiable information about the food we consume. We strive to stay true and keep our articles credible, trustworthy and nonpartisan as we believe that when we consumers are equipped with the right information, we will be empowered to make informed food choices for not only ourselves but also for our loved ones. Eat Smarter, Live Healthier. Be Savvy. Be FoodSavvy.sg.