Last week we highlighted that one single brand may carry more than one type of milk as part of its product range. This week we look at another brand of milk and recommend three FoodSavvy tips for buying UHT milk.

(1) At first glance, the packaging design footprint is not very distinguishable between the two types of milk, this makes reading the ingredient list even more important to ensure you buy the type of milk you intended to.

(2) It is not uncommon for brands to source for milk products from more than one country. Depending on whether you have a preference for milk products from specific countries, the choice is yours, just make it an informed one.

(3) A price check on these two types of milk (of the brand featured) was performed online via the websites of major supermarket chains in Singapore. Both types of milk are retailing at the same price on Fairprice online, Giant online and Redmart.sg. However, recombined milk costs 5 cents more than fresh milk on Coldstorage online. Fresh milk and recombined milk at the same price, what would your choice be?  

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