The immune system defends our body from invasion by bacteria and viruses. We become ill when bacteria or viruses successfully invade our bodies. Maintaining a strong immune system while adopting a healthy lifestyle give us the best chance at fighting off the flu for example.

Mushroom, spinach, garlic and citrus fruits are 4 superfoods that boost our immune systems. Other than our diet, Harvard Medical School also suggests ways to strengthen our immune system as part of a healthy lifestyle.

(1) Don’t smoke

(2) Eat more fruits & vegetables

(3) Exercise regularly

(4) Maintain a healthy weight

(5) If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation

(6) Get adequate sleep

(7) Wash your hands frequently with soap

(8) Cook meats thoroughly

(9) Try to minimize stress

Let’s stay healthy!

Be Food Smart. Be FoodSavvy.

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