This is the season when friends and relatives get together for reunion over steamboat. Here are 5 practical food safety and hygiene tips for enjoying your steamboat reunion.

(1) Ensure all raw vegetables (and any other relevant foodstuff) are thoroughly washed before cooking to remove soil and debris. If necessary, soak vegetables before cutting into smaller pieces to minimize the loss of water soluble vitamins from the cut or exposed surfaces.

(2) Cook food thoroughly before consuming. It is common for raw food to be mixed with food that is already cooked in the pot. Consider filling the pot (but don’t overload the pot!) with raw food before putting the lid on and allow it to come to a vigorous boil before tucking in. The centre of the food should be piping hot.

(3) For the purpose of hygiene, designate shared ladles and chopsticks for dipping into the pot.

(4) For convenience, we are prone to using the same pair of chopsticks to handle raw and cooked food. This may lead to bacterial contamination from raw to cooked meat and the ingestion of bacteria may lead to food poisoning or a bout of foodborne illness.

(5) Avoid sneezing, coughing or talking excessively over the pot as part of good hygiene practices.

Stay Food Safe & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Be Food Smart. Be FoodSavvy.

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