Are salt and sodium the same thing?

Well, no.

However, these two terms are often used interchangeably.

Sodium is a component of salt. It is common to hear it being repeated that too much salt is bad for health (it still is), in reality, it is the sodium in salt that is responsible for elevating blood pressure (when consumed in excessive amounts). Sodium and chloride are essential for the body to function properly, however excessive consumption may lead to several health problems such as heart failure (as a result of high blood pressure), kidney disease and stroke. Even though sodium is naturally found in foods, most of the sodium we consume comes from processed food and/or is added during cooking. The daily intake of salt as recommended by Health Promotion Board is not more than 5g or 1 teaspoon of salt, which is equivalent to 2000mg of sodium. Read your food labels and start moderating your sodium intake for a healthier you.

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