FoodSavvy.sg Tips for Choosing Pre-packaged drinks.

With festivities round the corner, sugar will creep into our diet unsuspectingly amidst all the feasting and drinking. According to the National Nutrition Survey 2018, pre-packaged sugar-sweetened drinks remain the largest source of sugar in our diet (Click Link below for full article). Team FoodSavvy.sg is all for advocating smarter and healthier food choices, never deprivation! In the midst of merry making, be mindful and continue to make smarter food choices. That could simply translate into shaving 10 minutes off that post-festivities 60 minutes aerobics routine! A simple tip for choosing a healthier drink is to look for the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS). However, did you know the HCS actually comes with three different tags for sugar alone? Find out what each of the tags mean. At the same time, pick up tips on how to choose pre-packaged drinks!
Be Savvy. Be FoodSavvy.

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