Last week, we unveiled the addition of palm oil into local recipe MILO powder that is made in Singapore. This week, let’s investigate how much sugar is added into MILO powder.
It is not uncommon for a product sold in different countries to be made with different formulations in order to adapt to local taste & preferences, coupled with a range of many other business decisions. MILO powder is no exception.
MILO powder made in Australia contains 6.3g of added sugar in one standard serving size of 20g of MILO powder. Comparatively, made in Singapore Australian recipe MILO powder contains 9.9g of added sugar in a standard serving size of 30g of MILO powder. Last but not least, local recipe made in Singapore MILO powder contains 9g of added sugar in a standard serving size of 30g of MILO powder. Due to the difference in formulation of MILO powder, the standard serving size is the recommended amount of MILO powder designed to be added to a standard 200ml of liquid in order to achieve the taste profile as intended by the manufacturer.
For those of us who do not follow the recommended serving sizes or preparation instructions printed on the tin, don’t forget the amount of added sugar is proportional to how much (more or less) MILO powder you spoon into your mug!
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