No added salt doesn’t mean no sodium.

Like fresh meat and seafood, certain fruits, vegetables and dairy products too contain naturally occurring sodium.

Before you tip the spoon of salt into the pot of soup or stew, think about the sodium that’s already present in the meat and vegetables. Consider a serving of soup for one, consisting of 1 chicken thigh, 1 whole carrot and 1 whole potato. It would contain approximately 157mg of sodium, making up 8% of one’s daily recommended sodium intake. Tipping in a quarter teaspoon of salt would increase the sodium content to approximately 657mg or equivalent to 1/3 of one’s daily recommended sodium intake.

Being food lovers ourselves, we love our food tasty, so we definitely are not in the business of advocating bland tasteless food. Use salt in moderation, or even better, use fresh or dried herbs and spices to season your food. 

Be Food Smart. Be FoodSavvy.

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