Have you ever wondered how much sodium is in Himalaya salt sports candy? What is sodium and why is the candy labelled a ‘sports candy’? Sodium is a mineral that occurs naturally in most foods, however more often than not, it is added to foods during manufacturing or just before the food is consumed (as table salt).

Convenient to consume and highly addictive, these candies can add unnecessary sodium to our diet. The National Nutrition Survey 2018 found that 90% of Singaporeans are consuming too much salt, that being nearly double the recommended amount.

That being said, people who perspire profusely (eg, when engaging in intensive exercise) may require replenishment of sodium and electrolytes as sodium is lost along with perspiration. Sports candies, like sports drinks are a quick and convenient way to replenish sodium in one’s body should the need arise, however do take note of the sugar that is contained in these products.

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