Are you eating wax with your fruits & vegetables?

Some fruits & vegetables naturally produce their own wax. Apple and pear are two examples. The wax acts as a protective layer and helps the fruit resist moisture loss and slow down the natural degradation of the fruit. This natural wax is not harmful to the human body. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for commercial food grade wax to be applied to the surface of whole fruit or vegetable. These food grade types of wax are safe to be ingested. However the use of industrial grade wax is illegal as it may pose a hazard when ingested. Thus far, there has not been any known report pertaining to illegal substances in the wax coating on fruit and vegetable in Singapore.

FoodSavvy.sg opines that if you do not wish to ingest the fruit wax, scrape it off with a knife. Eating fruits such as apple, pear and plum with the skin on is recommended as the skin contains nutrients as well.


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