Is there really crab meat in what we have grown so used to calling ‘crab stick’? Surely there must be some crab meat in ‘crab stick’? Or not?

Look closer at the label and you will find that the product is marketed under various names such as ‘seafood sticks’, ‘flavoured crab sticks’, ‘crab flavoured sticks’, ‘imitation crab meat’, ‘surimi crab stick’, ‘snow crab flavoured legs’, ‘imitation snow crab legs’. So what does this mean? There is no crab meat in ‘crab stick’. However it is made to look and taste like crab meat. Surimi, a fish paste, is the main ingredient in crab stick. Throw in some seafood/crab flavouring and a dash of red colouring (reminiscent of a cooked crab shell) and the product we have grown to know as ‘crab stick’ is obtained.

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