Had two eggs for breakfast? You may have busted the daily recommended dietary cholesterol intake. As part of healthy eating guidelines, it is recommended to consume less than 300mg of cholesterol a day, one egg may contain 2/3 of the recommended amount. Other than cholesterol from eggs, meat and dairy products contribute to cholesterol in our diet too. It’s really easy to bust our cholesterol intake for the day if we are not mindful, albeit unknowingly.

Cholesterol content varies greatly in eggs, however we can become food smart consumers by choosing eggs that contain less cholesterol. FoodSavvy.sg advocates eating a variety of food and in moderation, it is advisable to moderate cholesterol intake and for adults to consume no more than 4 egg yolks a week.

Follow the fresh egg series as we reveal the fat content of the different brands of eggs next week.

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FoodSavvy.sg is an advocate for reading of food labels and encourage all consumers to do so and exercise discretion at all times.

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