Large eggs contain between 6.5g-8.5g protein per egg while regular sized eggs (part 1 of fresh egg series) contain 5.9g-7.1g protein per egg. The difference in quantity of protein may in part be attributed to the difference in size of the egg. The daily recommended protein intake for adult men and women are 68g and 58g respectively, eating an egg thereby fulfils approximately 10% to 14% of one’s daily recommended protein intake.

Protein is not only essential for the growth of hair and nails. Children, the elderly and patients recovering from bodily injury are encouraged to consume sufficient protein to support the growth, maintenance and repair of body tissues and cells. One gram of protein contains 4 calories compared to 9 calories from a gram of fat, choosing protein over fat is certainly a ‘food smart-er’ choice.

Follow the fresh egg series as we reveal the cholesterol content of the different brands of eggs next week.

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