Pork fat in chicken hotdog? 
Chicken & beef meat or derivatives in lamb sausage?
Fancy pig intestine in your sausage?
Are you paying for turkey when there is actually more chicken than turkey in the product?

What makes processed meats such as comminuted ham, sausage & bacon so tasty? The heap of seasoning that goes into the meat mix? Or the stunning variety of ingredients and additives that are mixed into the comminuted meat? 

Comminuted products such as sausage and ham where the original form of the ingredients is destroyed is a bane for consumers as there is simply no easy method for consumers to verify the ingredients that have been added into the product just by visual inspection or by tasting the product. This potentially may lead to consumers unwittingly consuming meat or derivatives from certain animal origins which we may be abstaining from due to health, dietary (including allergy) or religious lifestyle choices. 

Be a FoodSavvy consumer! FoodSavvy.sg is an advocate for reading of food labels, and we strongly encourage all consumers to read the food label to know what’s really in our food and exercise discretion at all times.

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