Peanut butter is originally meant to consist of roasted peanuts ground into a paste, maybe with an added pinch of salt and nothing else. However, most commercial regular peanut butter give you more than that. Ingredients and additives such as sugar, salt, palm oil (and/or other types of oil whether hydrogenated or not) and emulsifiers may be added to accentuate the taste, prevent separation of the oil and improve spreadability of the peanut butter.   

Part 1 of the peanut butter series features peanut butter that are made with multiple ingredients. Upcoming parts of the series will feature ‘purer’ peanut butter that are made with only two ingredients and ‘pure’ peanut butter that consist only of roasted peanuts and nothing else. The peanut butter series will also uncover interesting ‘have-to-know’ facts, did you know some commercial peanut butter contain more peanuts than others?

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