Numerous brands of fresh eggs claim to contain less cholesterol, but which brands contain the least cholesterol?

Dietary cholesterol is only found in food of animal origin. The cholesterol in egg is found in the egg yolk, there is none in egg white.

Since eggs contain cholesterol, should we avoid eggs or egg yolks for that matter? FoodSavvy.sg takes a moderate approach and believes in balance. Eggs, like any other food we consume, are composed of a range of micro and macronutrients, some better for our health than others. Egg white is a good and affordable source of protein and egg yolk other than cholesterol, contains vitamins and minerals. With all other food, eat a variety, in moderation. However, with the right knowledge, we can be ‘Food Smart-er’ by choosing eggs that contain less cholesterol.

How much cholesterol is in regular sized and large eggs? What is the recommended number of eggs to be consumed per week? Find out in Part 4 of the fresh egg series, next week.

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