Since results of the National Nutrition Survey 2018 conducted by Health Promotion Board were published in The Straits Times on Nov 19 (click here to read full article), there has been much discussion about Singaporeans’ love for sweet and salty food. Senior health correspondent Salma Khalik from The Straits Times has also weighed in on the topic with a commentary on how sugar and salt intake may possibly be reduced (click here to read full article).


Our team has previously shared simple and practical TIPS FOR CHOOSING PRE-PACKAGED DRINKS. Moving ahead, we shift our focus to salt. Sauces have been identified as one of the main sources of salt in our diet. Bottled sauces have to meet guidelines set by Health Promotion Board before they can be labelled with the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS). However, the guidelines are not equal across sauces and rightfully so, as some are sweeter while others are more savoury. Thus the sauces have been grouped into categories and maximum permissible levels of sodium (and in some cases, sugar) been have set for each.


We have created an indicative guide, by ranking the categories of sauces by the permissible level of sodium (and in some cases, sugar).

Make smarter food choices by

(1) choosing sauces with the HCS and

(2) choosing one with a lower permissible level of sodium.


Be Savvy. Be FoodSavvy.


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