Do you know the difference between cheese and their derivative products?

Here are 4 common cheese and cheese-derivative products.

Natural cheeses are obtained by coagulating the casein of milk and/or cream, have the shortest ingredient list and are available in blocks/wedges or sliced. Read the ingredient list as some cheeses contain preservatives, flavourings and colouring.

While natural cheese can be wholly made from milk, cream must be an ingredient when making cream cheese. Read the ingredient list as ingredients and additives may differ across brands.

Processed cheese is made of cheese which has been comminuted and emulsified with other added ingredients and additives. The actual percentage of cheese in processed cheese varies greatly across brands and oil is sometimes added to processed cheese. Processed cheese is commonly found individually wrapped in plastic.

Cheese spread is required to conform to the standards prescribed for processed cheese, except more moisture is allowed in cheese spread.

This article is meant to be used as a general guide and consumers are encouraged to read the food labels of products and verify their ingredients before making their preferred choice.

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