Todayonline.com reported today (Dec 7) that popular eatery Spize River Valley outlet will be shut down after its licence was terminated with immediate effect. Investigations had uncovered ‘strong evidence of severe contamination from poor hygiene and food handling practices’. 82 people have taken ill after eating food prepared at the outlet, resulting in one death.


Besides this incident, Singapore has been hit with 3 other outbreaks of foodborne illness. On Dec 5, Mandarin Orchard Hotel suspended operations at its Grand Ballroom after 175 people showed symptoms of gastroenteritis. 


131 students and teachers were hit by gastroenteritis after consuming food prepared by FoodTalks Caterer and Manufacturer on Nov 27. The food outlet is currently under investigation.


On Nov 23, 190 people fell ill after eating food prepared by Tunglok Catering located at the Singapore Expo. Its licence has since been suspended.   


With so many cases of food outlets being suspended recently, it leads us to wonder what are the common infringements by food outlets leading to their licences being suspended. 


Thus, Team FoodSavvy.sg has gone on a mission and pored over all the suspension notices issued by NEA this year. As a result, our team has compiled the top 4 hygiene infringements by food outlets that has led to their suspension. So if you see any of these infringements at the food outlet you are patronizing, be savvy and do the right thing.


Be Savvy. Be FoodSavvy.

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