Buying milk for the family? Short on patience or simply not sure how to read milk labels? One of our videos has already revealed that other than natural cow’s milk, milk can also be made up with milk substances in the factory and still be sold as ‘milk’. So herein belies the important question. Which brands of milk are made with natural cow’s milk and which brands of milk, are made from milk substances? Our team has completed an investigation into the common brands of chilled pasteurized milk in Singapore and has herein created a handy single page guide to assist in your decision making. FoodSavvy.sg is an advocate for reading food labels and we encourage all consumers to do the same and make a decision at your discretion.

Article Footnotes:

Products were grouped according to actual ingredient lists as declared by manufacturers of the respective products.

We believe in being truthful and transparent, what constitutes ‘milk substances’ for the purpose of this article are stated in footnotes of the poster.


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